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Exclusive PV Consultants to NYiT Team


North America Board of
Certified Energy Practitioners




Now Harness
What Nature Has Always Known About



Our mission at NPV inc. is to increase public awareness
of this innovative technology, and pass the savings to you!
Call to have a Solar Energy expert discuss your questions.


is a proven technology that automatically converts clean, natural, free sunlight into electrical power for your home. Once installed, you will never know the difference, unless you watch as your meter spins backwards. Any excess power you make is automatically bought back by LIPA.   They pay you, (by law), The full retail rate!

Since 1997, over 100,000 of these systems have been installed in the U.S.

Marc Redgate, President
Sari Smith, Compliance Control
Neal Lennstrom, VP Construction
James Peck, Regional sales manager
631-456-7149 • Mygreenenergy@gmail.com
Peter Lombardo, VP Electrical
Charles Barrett, Regional Marketing Dir.









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